Skitto sim is Grammenphone Special sim that especially uses for the Internet. This skitto sim Internet price pretty much low.

Skitto sim maintains Need Skitto App for android or iPhone. You can able to recharge skitto sim but need to tell the shop people you have skitto sim and recharge it.

You can also recharge Skitto sim with Bkask you need to choose Grameenphone skitto then recharge.

Skitto sim have many offers:

To grab this offer you need to go Skitto app then log in with your mobile number.

Tel pitha Deal: 2GB for 40 Tk 3 Day Activation.

Chui jhal deals: 3GB for 50 tk 3 Day Activation. Just touch Buy now with the app.

Khejurer Shondesh : 5GB for 77tk 7 Day

Dudh Chitoi Deal: 7GB for 95tk 7 Day

250 minute plus 23GB Combo: 449 tk 30 Days

Dudh-Pulimpitha Deal: 5GB for 147tk 30 Day

Bhapa Pitha Deal: 8GB Ffor 199tk 30 Day

Secret Deal 10: 10GB for 93tk 30 Day

Hasher Mangsho Deal: 17GB for 289tk 30 Day

Khejurer Rosh deal: 25GB for 389tk 30 Day

Jhora Pata Deals: 65MB for 2tk 3 Day

Sweater Deal: 1GB for 23tk 3 Day

40min plus 4GB combo: 40 minutes for 89tk

Bioscope weekly ticket: 110MB for 7tk 7 Day

Him Shitol Deal: 1.5GB for 39tk 7 Day

Kuasha Deal: 2.5GB for 54tk 7 Day

Bioscope Monthly ticket: 1GB for 49tk 30 Day

Tibro thanda deal: 3GB for 98tk 30 Day

Kombol Deal: 12 GB for 229tk 30 Day

And have Data Mixer options.