Teletalk internet setting

Teletalk internet setting is important if you would like to use the web from your smartphone or mobile devices. If you don’t do the web settings properly, you can’t use internet data. So, before you employ the web, do the Teletalk Internet settings properly.

How to do Teletalk Internet Settings?

There are two ways to line up the internet in Teletalk. The first one is an automatic way and therefore the other is manual ways. If you’re Teletalk subscriber of any sim you’ll use these ways. You also know more Teletalk internet setting

Automatics Teletalk Internet Settings

When you insert the mobile Teletalk Sim. Teletalk will provide you an SMS automatically. you would like to save lots of the configuration. By default, the password is 1234. If you’ve got changed the handset, you’ll also receive the settings file. you only got to overwrite the web settings. confine mind that, without overwriting the web setting, your internet protocol might not work.

If you don’t receive the SMS or accidentally delete the configuration SMS, you’ll request the configuration SMS. And you would like to send SMS by writing SET to 738 number. On the return SMS, you’ll get the configuration file. 

Manual Settings of Teletalk Internet

Teletalk also provides the manual settings of the web to a special handset. we’ve provided the all list of Teletalk Internet settings supported handset configuration.