You will be able to check the balance by dialing * 1 # or * 222 # free.

You can check your outstanding balance not paid after receiving the instant balance by dialing * 8 #.

Jhotpot Emergency BalanceTerms & ConditionsAll eligible Robi prepaid customers can avail hotpot balance service up to Tk. 100You can check your Eligibility by Dialing *8# to avail the Jhotpot Balance.

you would like to dial *123*007# (Free of Charge).

আপনি যে কোনও ভয়েস কল এবং কোনও এসএমএসের জন্য এই ঝটপট ব্যালেন্সের পরিমাণটি ব্যবহার করতে পারেন।

Jhotpot balance you can able to use anytime. You will be ready to check the Jhotpot Balance amount by dialing *1# or *222# (Free of charge).

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