Grameenphone, like other mobile network operators, offers a variety of internet packages to meet the different needs and budgets of its customers. These packages include different data volumes and validity periods, and are designed to cater to customers’ different usage needs.

Examples of Grameenphone’s internet packages might include:

Daily internet packages with limited data volume for 24 hours

Weekly internet packages with a larger data volume for 7 days

Monthly internet packages with a larger data volume for 30 days

Special offers with combo of voice and internet for certain period

3G/4G and 2G services packages

These packages and their prices may vary, and Grameenphone may also offer limited-time promotions and discounts.

There are several ways to buy Grameenphone internet packages:

Through the Grameenphone website

Using the Grameenphone app

Sending a message to the specific short code provided by the Grameenphone

Dialing the USSD code 1211*4#

Through the authorized Grameenphone center or retail shop.

It’s recommended to check the Grameenphone website, mobile app or customer care number for the updated and accurate information on the internet offers, along with detailed information on how to buy them.