GP Internet offers 1GB 50tk

Grameenphone has an attractive offer of 50 BDT. GP Internet offers 1GB 50tk for 7 days. Dial * 121 * 3844 # to activate this offer. Be sure of one thing it is a special offer. If this offer is not enabled by this code you can choose another one below.

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List of GP Internet Packages

This is the time to explore new things. People browse all day to explore these new ideas. To make your search more interesting, we are offering you Grameenphone Internet Offer / GP Internet Offer / GP Internet Package on our site here.

Here is a list of all Grameenphone Internet packages. All the information is listed according to the new information. I will try to update the Grameenphone Internet package list regularly. This list is only for GP Internet Offer 2020 Bid

GP 500MB to 5 BDT

Here I am going to tell you about an amazing offer at a very cheap rate and it is on the GP500 MB 5BDT. You can buy a 500 MB internet data pack in just five BDTs. The offer period is 7 days. But here is a prerequisite for this offer. You can only buy this offer twice. So you have to dial * 121 * 3809 # to activate this offer

GP 1000 MB at 17 BDT

GP 1000 MB (500 MB + 500 MB 4G) is available in my GP application on the offer of 17 BDT. The validity period for this offer is 3 days. Anyone can activate this offer at most once. Visit the MyGP app to activate the offer.


This is the best offer from Grameenphone Company. They always serve to improve their customers. The GP1 GB5 Talk offer is one of them. This is a weekly Internet data package. Dial * 500 * 45 # to activate this offer. This offer is for 2G and 3G users. In this offer, users can use 500MB for open browsing and 500 MB for Facebook MB.

GP 1GB offers 9tk

One of the most attractive offers is the GP1GB Offer 9 Tech. A maximum of four times a user can buy this offer. This is a monthly pack. This offer expires in 28 days. Dial * 5020 * 2217 # to activate this offer.

GP 1GB offers 19tk

GP Internet has another new offering which is GP1GB Offer 19 Tech. The duration of this offer is 14 days. So get there early and buy this offer. As an expenditure, it takes only 19 BDT. You need to dial * 5020 * 2218 # from your GP SIM to activate this offer.

GP offers 1 GB 20tk

One can also buy 1GB of internet at 18 BDT only. However, the offer period is only 24 hours. Dial * 121 * 3234 # to enjoy the offer. So for those who are looking for a GP offer of 1 GB20, you can buy this offer for only 18 BDT. The price of the GP1GB Internet package varies for different offers. This price is being determined based on the time of verification.

GP offers new GB 1 GB 21

GP recently offers new internet offers for their customers. Users will be able to enjoy this offer at a time. This is a new Internet Offer of 1 GB with 21GB BDT. This Internet Offer expires in 7 days. Dial * 121 * 5097 # to activate this offer. Activate this offer before 2020 and it’s available by 202020.

GP offers 29tk 1GB

We have a new offer, it is a GP 29 Tk 1 GB offer. This offer expires in 5 days. The total cost of this offer is 29 Tk. You can activate this offer by dialing * 121 * 5087 #.

GP Offer 1 GB 31tk (New)

31TK 1GB has a new GP Internet offering. The validity limit of this offer is 5 days. Dial * 121 * 5087 # to activate this offer.

GP offers 30tk 1GB

Here is another amazing offer, Grameenphone 30tk 1GB offer. Dial now * 121 * 5037 to activate this offer # 3 days invalidity of this offer. A user can grab this offer up to 4 times.

GP1GB offers

The GP1GB Internet offer will now be available at 104 BDT. This offer expires in 7 days. The activation code is * 121 * 3056 #.

Offers GP1GB at 189tk

This is a new Internet offering for GP. If anyone interested in this offer dial * 121 * 3390 # to activate this offer. The validity period is 30 days. So users who want to extend their internet offer time can activate this offer.