GP 4g pocket router Details and price in Bangladesh

A router is a networking device that allocates data connection between PC networks. Routers are small devices that join several computer networks together through wired or wireless connection.

The LTE/4G Router is accessible to all client care. The price of the GP 4G Router in Bangladesh is BDT 4999 Tk! By Every GP Router, Clienteles will get free 2.422 GHz – 2.482 GHz.

If you are in a 4G exposure area otherwise want to use high-speed mobile linking then we commend that purchase a Grameenphone 4G Router from your nearby shop.

Customers could know Data balance through typing *567#. Extra usage payment of BDT 0.01/10KB valid for all the data deals up to 200MB; Free and dual bonus data would expire after 30 days.

Idle Data Volume would be carried forward if the client purchases a similar pack inside the active validity period otherwise in case of effective auto-renewal. Throughout pack buying, for ‘Payment over bKash or cards’ any previous subscription-free otherwise emergency balance used will be subtracted from the sum recharged for pack otherwise offer purchase. In that case, the internet pack otherwise Offer that you have selected might not be activated. GP 4g modem price in bd

While 4G broadband is probably going to be faster than most ADSL plus fiber packages, it is more unpredictable. This means you might see your speeds every so frequently drop but the mainstream of the time it would be faster. Though the benefit that steady broadband has is its range to check internet balance, please button *121*1*4#. Afterward, the Internet Expiration client would be charged Taka 1.165/MB (VAT+SC+SD) till validity subsists, up to 5.825 Taka (SD+VAT+SC).

On buying 20GB 4G Internet @ 499 takas (all comprehensive), the client will get Free 10GB 4G. Both 4G internet legitimacy for 30 days. Idle Data Volume would be carried onward if the client purchases a similar pack inside the active validity period otherwise in case of effective auto-renewal. Using multiple applications simultaneously while volume is low, might result in an additional usage fee, so please close applications beforehand moving on to others.

A client could buy this data package offer 9 times in 3 months as well as could get extreme FREE 36GB data. To experience 4G by these smartphones, the client should be under 4G network exposure accompanied by 4G enabled SIM.

Since the GP 4G pocket WiFi router is easy toward taking, it converts more and more prevalent for geeks, outdoor activities as well as business experts. So they might work all over the world. Users could select the preferred brands otherwise various 1.

Special Feathers:

1.specs per their necessities. 4G Wifi routers accessible with support of diverse LTE categories, for example, LTE Cat.4, LTE Cat6, LTE Cat.11, LTE Cat.16 LTE Cat9, and newest LTE.

2.They support diverse LTE download speed up to 100Mbps, 450Mbps, 600Mbps 150Mbps, 300Mbps, and even 1Gbps for wireless download.

3.The additional good thing about the greatest mobile GP router is that 4G data is remarkably fast. so, you will be able to browse the internet as if you were related to a broadband connection. It means it would also frequently be faster than free otherwise shared Wi-Fi spots, which typically have data limits as well as a lot of traffic toward deal with.