• Dial * 120 * 5 # for Free Instant Balance
  • In case of taking a loan Tk 12 or more an SMS charge is An SMS notification charge is applicable of about Tk 2.
  • Instant Balance applies to any voice call or SMS.
  • Minutes or other free bonuses purchased in the bundle package will be used immediately before the balance.
  • Instant Balance can be used at any time.
  • Check your Instant Balance by dialing * 1 # or * 222 #.
  • To check the Outstanding Balance (Unpaid Instant Balance), dial * 1 # and press 5 in the Account menu.
  • Product tariffs and pulse apply.
  • 10% + 15% VAT, supplementary duty (SD included) + 1% surcharge applies on tariffs.

The mobile phone, as well as the internet, is an undividable part of our daily life today. Nowadays we can’t go for a day without a mobile phone. It’s been so easy that we can talk and use the internet through our mobile phone easily.

Some people love to talk to their close persons frequently. The company, Robi, has made it easier than before. Robi has reduced the rate and has given many features.

Even after these facilities, sometimes we face a lack of balance problems. Considering such type of situation Robi has gifted us another scope” The robi emergency balance”.

Robi has already started the feature of taking Robi Instant Emergency Balance for Robi users. But if you want to take this facility, you have to fulfill some terms and conditions. Without maintaining these terms and conditions no one will have the ability to enjoy the facility.

The Robi users will be happy to know that the terms and conditions are very simple and easy to continue. It seems that it’s just a formality. So the Robi users should know what the terms and conditions are? So instead of waiting let’s have a look –