How to activate robi 4g: Just please Dial Please dial *123*44# and see your Sim 4G Enable or not If not just go to Customer care and replace it. And Boom your sim is now 4G.

How to buy internet in robi: Just Dial *123*0199# this code and choose your desire internet package. More Details

How to check own robi number: to check robi own number very Easy Dial *140*2*4# and see your Number in Mobile screen. Hope you understand now how to find robi number Enjoy now. know my robi number it was fun when first I got problem HA HA HA!

How to check robi offer:  Just Dial *8050# and see your offer that you need.

How to see robi internet balance: Just Dial: *8444*88# or this *222*81#

How to stop all service in robi:  Stop robi all service and For unsubscribing, you can type STOP ALL and send this number 21268.

How to check robi minute offer: Just dial *222*2# or this *222*8# or this *222*25#

How to buy robi internet offer: Buy robi internet offer Dial *123*0199# or you can buy internet by your Robi mobile app. Just log in and buy your internet pack easy.

Robi Official Site: Robi

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