Banglalink 4g Etihas, বাংলালিংক ৪জি ইতিহাস

Banglalink 4g Etihas
বাংলালিংকের লক্ষ্য এই বছরের জুনের মধ্যে পুরো জেলা সদর পর্যন্ত 4 জি মোবাইল পরিষেবা সরবরাহ করা ।

জনসংখ্যার প্রায় ৩০ শতাংশে পৌঁছে যাওয়া।তৃতীয় বৃহত্তম মোবাইল অপারেটর তার ৯,৫০০ বেস স্টেশনগুলির ৪০০ টি থেকে পরিষেবা সরবরাহ শুরু করেছে।

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Airtel Company Journey Details and Success

Banglalink operator received 4G licenses on February 19. 4G coverage extends to seven major cities, Erik Aas said.

Currently, a couple of lakh of its 3.20 crore customers are becoming the 4G services.

Therefore the number is increasing by 20,000 to 25,000 on a mean a day. 

The operator face huge challenges last year for flood alongside low spectrum coverage. Especially 3G service.

Aas said “We ensure significant quality issues last year and have made remarkable advancement in ensuring better customer experience by upgrading network capacity”

The initial target is to supply customers with the newest service by Ramadan in June, he added. Airtel Company Journey Details and Success

Banglalink has recently increased the quantity of its total spectrum by 53 percent by acquiring 10.6 MHz spectrum at over Tk 3,000 crore.

which can give the operator an enormous mileage, he said. “Now we are that specialize in digital services which can also push customers to empower their digital life.”

Banglalink 4G services will play an important role in boosting the socio-economic growth of the country by facilitating healthcare services.

Remote education, transportation, and financial services, Erik Aas said.

বাংলালিংক 4 জি নেটওয়ার্ক সরবরাহিত অতি দ্রুত মোবাইল ইন্টারনেট ব্যবহারকারীগণকে শূন্য-বাফার উচ্চ সংজ্ঞা (এইচডি) ভিডিও স্ট্রিমিং উপভোগ করতে সক্ষম করবে ।

HD quality video calling, high-fidelity music streaming, online gaming, social networking and everyone kind of other internet services.

Banglalink also reiterated that they might invest $1 billion over the subsequent three years.

which might provide a huge boost to their customers.

Erik Aas said “Not only Banglalink, but no operator has also profited from the 3G business.

it'll take time to urge returns from the 4G investment also,”

Providing 4G requires a really expensive network to create but at an equivalent time.

This may give users an enormous boost in availing of different digital services. Mike Michel, chief marketing officer. and Taimur Rahman, chief corporate. and regulatory affairs officer was also present.

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